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As a new or returning member after a lapse of the Fort Bend County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association you will be added on our list server.  We are able to send an email message to the following email address:

and our entire organization will receive the message.
Examples might be - Do you know the name of a fingerprint expert?  What do you think a certain judge will do with a certain set of facts? Alternative punishment concerns and many more questions that would take too long to track other attorney's down by phone to answer.  Please put this address in your address book now and please avoid sending messages to me to send out.  Should you have any questions about the list server, email Brian Middleton directly at

Please consider the implications of revealing attorney-client privileged information.  However, also please be considerate of other members who do post sensitive message and be careful to preserve confidentiality and not casually mention what is posted here to judges or D.A's.

In order to remain listed on the website and stay on the list server, you are required to agree to the following Confidentiality and Privacy Guidelines and Pledge when you select your membership level at at the bottom of this page and hit next. 

Confidentiality and Privacy Guidelines and Pledge and Acknowledgement:
I agree that the contents of any email I receive from the FBCCDAA list server will be kept confidential and not shared with anyone who is not a member of FBCCDAA. I respect each members' expectation of privacy just as I would expect them to keep my confidential matters private. I understand that disclosure of anything contained in emails received through the FBCCCDAA email list server is grounds for removal from the list. By remaining on the FBCCDAA email list server, I promise to abide by the list's privacy and confidentiality requirements.  I further acknowledge that I am actively engaged in criminal defense work and I do not hold a full time job as a prosecutor or judge.

$50 for those in practice less than 5 years.
$75 for those in practice 5 years or more.

We are currently accepting payment for 2013 dues only by credit card or debit card through Paypal.  You do not have to have a Paypal account to pay with a credit or debit card through Paypal.  Manual Payments by check are now available as an option.  Follow the instructions on the next page for credit card or manual payments.  Your membership is subject to approval.  Credit card payments are usually processed much faster.

Membership Renewal deadline for 2015 will be February 1, 2015 for everyone.  2014 members will get a renewal email that does not require this application process.  You can renew your membership by logging in and clicking on View Profile and then click on Renew Until or click the button on the left Renew here and follow the instructions or refer to the renewal email for more detailed instructions.

New applicants MUST be endorsed by a current FBCCDAA member on the next page by typing the name of a current FBCCDAA member.

If you have any problems with the web site email

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